NBC wants Ann Curry off ‘Today’ show

“Why didn’t you go with that headline?” Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal asked New York Times reporter Brian Stelter early this morning.

“For one thing, it may or may not be true,” Stelter said of today’s New York Daily News page one headline. “I reported negotiations, not a done deal.”

Stelter was up early — “Starbucks barista just told me to ‘Have a good night.’ I wish. Good morning!” he tweeted shortly after 4 a.m. — to work on his book about morning TV and to see if Curry would be on “Today” this morning.

At 5:32 a.m., he tweeted: “Ann Curry is indeed on ‘Today,’ today. She’s in the studio now with Matt.” (He later tweeted that “someone else was going to sit in Ann Curry’s seat this morning. Finishing a blog post about it now…” UPDATE: Here it is.)

Of course other media writers were checking “Today” this morning, including Time’s James Poniewozik, who tweeted 10 minutes after the show’s start: “Matt Lauer introduces Savannah Guthrie as “TODAY’s legal correspondent.” Omits saying, “FOR NOW [wink]!”

Curry’s reaction to all this? “Good morning twitterverse,” she tweeted at 7:04. And that was it.

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