Wired is reviewing 300 of Jonah Lehrer’s blog posts

Jonah Lehrer

A Wired spokesman says the magazine is reviewing the 300 posts that Jonah Lehrer wrote while at Wired to see if they have recycled or lifted material. “We’re going to work with him to identify which stories are affected,” says Jonathan Hammond. Lehrer moved his Frontal Cortex blog to The New Yorker earlier this month.

Eric Maza reports on WWD.com that Lehrer’s agent “was undisturbed by the news” that the writer recycled his material. “Self-plagiarization is … I don’t even know what it is,” agent Gordon Mazur said. “Where does that fall in the level of crimes?”

Mazur, who has no plans to drop Lehrer as a client, says: “You’re not going to write a new speech every time you go out. People understand that. Essentially people are hiring them to say the same thing over and over.”

By the way, Lehrer has said nothing on Twitter about the events of this week.

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