Confirmed: Liz Spayd is leaving the Washington Post

A memo from Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli confirms that Liz Spayd plans to resign as managing editor after the election.

Liz Spayd

From: Marcus Brauchli
Date: Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 11:01 AM
Subject: Liz Spayd
To: NEWS – All Newsroom

Colleagues, by now you will have seen the reports that Liz Spayd plans to step down as managing editor at the end of this year, after the election. We hadn’t intended for the news to filter out in this way or at this time, but, since it has, let me set it in context.

Since my arrival four years ago and for many years before that, Liz has piloted this newsroom through events of immense complexity and importance. She is a bulwark of sound judgment upon whom we all have come to depend, whose views are reasoned and thoughtful. She is steeped in this great institution’s traditions and has ensured we honor them in our journalism, in whatever form, on whatever platform, at whatever speed we produce it. She epitomizes the best of The Post.

When Liz leaves, and we’re in no hurry to set an exact date for that, we will miss her, nobody more than I. By that time, we will have given more thought to how or if we should adjust our newsroom structure.

Until then, we will continue as we have been, producing under Liz’s leadership the strongest, smartest and deepest coverage of our communities, our area and our nation.