Evening report

Aaron Sorkin

* Aaron Sorkin has done his share of self-plagiarizing, too. (YouTube.com)
* Twitter parody feed @ReutersHulk is shuttered and nobody knows why. (Atlantic Wire)
* Artnet folds after 16 years as the leading arts journalism voice. The magazine had offices in 3 cities. (Gallerisny.com)
* “Flipboard is not a company that we are building to sell quickly,” but… says CEO Mike McCue. (CNBC.com)
* Two bottles of wine, then an interview and angry screed about Flipboard and the New York Times. (TechCrunch.com)
* Frank Deford: Colbert will “try to make me the typical slovenly sportwriter. I’m going to dress as well as I can” for tonight’s show. (Sherman Report)
* Just-launched NewspaperAlum blog reports on journalists who’ve left the newsroom to do other things. (NewspaperAlum)