Daily Archives: June 25, 2012

Starting Thursday, the New York Times will give full access to its Web content — including videos, slide shows and blog posts — through Flipboard.

In the past, “Flipboard users have had to settle for pulling in The Times’ various social-media feeds, which only offer a selection of Times content,” writes Nat Ives. “Flipboard also hasn’t been able to display Times articles and photos in the polished, “flip-able” format that is one of the app’s central appeals. Instead, Flipboard has opened web browser windows when users tap links to Times stories.”

The Times says it found that 20% of its subscribers read Web content through third-party apps like Flipboard, and that it will announce more deals this year. “We’re talking to a lot of people with an enormous amount of interest” in Times content, says an exec.

* Flipboard in content deal with New York Times (New York Times)