Patch puts pressure on local editors

My reliable source on Patch matters reports that demands on local editors are growing.

“Among other mandates, Local Editors now must have seven posts each day — that’s including weekends — and blog posts no longer count toward that total,” he writes. “Local Editors also ‘immediately’ have to come up with an additional 500 people to “Like” their Facebook pages (many sites have yet to attain the first 500).”

Also, local editors have been told to get at least 1,000 comments per month. Most Patch sites struggle to get even 500 now.

I’ve asked Patch spokeswoman Janine Iamunno for comment.

UPDATE — Iamunno emails:”No idea where these numbers are coming from, I’m afraid. I can’t speak to what your source may have been (inaccurately) told by a manager in his or her region, but I can tell you there are absolutely no mandates to this effect, period.”

Patch staffers: Let me know if your site has increased productivity demands. I’ll keep you anonymous.

UPDATE 2: A Romenesko reader writes —

Your story on the demands on LEs [local editors] is spot on. The huge post quota was one of my main reasons for leaving the company. It’s especially notable given that, the last time they tried to push 7 posts a day, in a program called “Lucky 7,” each LE’s freelance budget was over $2,000 a month. Now it’s probably more like $100 (and held by RE’s collectively, which is why it’s hard to gauge per site), and they’re trying to hit the same numbers.

However, the writer added, “it seems really unlikely that Patch is pushing people to do 7 a weekend. 3, 4, or 5 up from 2 or 3, maybe, but Patch has consistently not held weekend and weekday quotas to be the same. Could’ve changed in the past week or two, but seems really unlikely.”