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Letter to Romenesko

From SAL CHRIST: I’m a music journalist based out of Denver and a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that articles I wrote (and that my colleagues wrote) for 303 Magazine were lifted and re-posted to two other websites as their own original content.We received an apology from a “Dmitri Dercacenco” and the assurance that all of the stolen articles were taken down.

However, after pilfering through the websites, several other 303 articles were found and remain live. In addition, I discovered that virtually all of the articles on these two websites are lifted from other publications — Grazia, Styleite, several bloggers, and numerous un-credited AP articles. As of Tuesday evening, everything is still live. I have blogged about the situation here. There are far more plagiarized sources than I list in my blog post — I have not had time to assemble a proper list.


Original from Grazia
Plagiarized version

Original from 303 Magazine
Plagiarized version

Additionally, digging around online (Whois look-up, googling the respondent’s name/email, etc) led me another website owned by the same individual. An example of the plagiarized work is below. There are a ton of plagiarized Guardian (UK) articles on the website in question.

Original from the Telegraph
Plagiarized version

I have contacted some of the publications, but have yet to hear back.

Glenn Hall

Former editor-in-chief and ex-Orange County Register innovation officer Glenn Hall has been named managing editor of Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze is an amazing Web phenomenon that shows media can thrive in the new digital age provided the focus and mission are aligned with the needs of the audience,” says Hall. “I am excited about the opportunity to help grow this brand and raise the bar for digital journalism.”

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Loeb winner Felix Salmon

* Winners of the Loeb Awards — “the Pulitzers of business journalism” — have been announced. (Felix Salmon wins for blogging.) (Talking Biz News)
* What if the newspaper industry had used its smarts to build a great search engine before Google did? (Online Journalism Review)
* Reports say NBC News has offered the “Today” co-host job to Savannah Guthrie. (Hollywood Reporter | New York Times)
* If News Corp. is split, Murdoch’s newspapers will no longer be able to count on the latest blockbuster movie to disguise their financial woes. (Nieman Journalism Lab)
* Fox News changes Charles Gasparino’s bio after it’s pointed out he wasn’t a Pulitzer nominee. (MSNBC)
* Times-Picayune’s new publisher scoots out of restaurant after realizing it’s raising funds for newspaper’s employees. (Dash Thirty Dash)
* News Corp shareholders mostly just want the company’s papers to go away. (Felix Salmon)
* Philly Inquirer staff has mixed feelings about moving out of “the Tower of Truth.” (