Patch Local Editor is having fun

Letter to Romenesko

From NAME WITHHELD AT HIS REQUEST: I’m a Local Editor at Patch and I’ve found the job to be, at times, cushier than my previous newsroom job at a paper. The compensation is better, benefits better and the job is flat-out more fun, so sometimes I don’t mind if my day runs a bit longer.

On the topic of advertorial content – this is complete and utter B.S. I don’t know what sites in other states are doing, but I, for one, have never run any advertorial content, nor have any of my regional colleagues.

On the topic of seven posts – we haven’t been told that specifically (unless I missed an email somewhere), but that’s always been the norm. We like to start the day with 4-5 items, and then keep the site fresh throughout the day. These aren’t full stories, though. They can be a linkout to an event, a linkout to competition’s coverage, aggregation, photo gallery, user-submission gallery, poll, etc. Easy stuff. If we run a “5 Things You Need to Know Today,” that’s one item already.

Weekend content requirements, to my knowledge, have not changed at all. My weekends are free and clear, so long as I plan ahead. We make sure to post two items ahead of time for weekends and holidays.

On Facebook page “Likes,” I’ve never heard any such requirement. I don’t like to presume, but I would guess this was just a local goal sent by a regional editor of his/her team, not a company directive. Never hurts to aim high.

Comment goals are still 500. Depending on the news climate that month, I sometimes shatter this and sometimes fall short. Nature of the beast.

I had a freelance budget fall from about $2,200 to an average of $0/month now. Still less stressed than I was at a newspaper.