‘Portion Control’ pokes fun at Jonah Lehrer editors’ notes

Jeremy Blachman’s “Portion Control” pokes fun at the editors’ notes that were posted on Jonah Lehrer’s New Yorker “Frontal Cortex” columns after he was caught recycling his work.

“It’s aiming-to-be-funny nonsense more than any sort of judgment,” Blachman tells Romenesko readers. “I enjoy Lehrer’s work tremendously.”

Lehrer’s last New Yorker post is dated June 13, and his Twitter feed has been silent since June 17. This morning I asked New Yorker digital editor Nicholas Thompson: “When is Jonah Lehrer returning to your pages? Has he been suspended.”

“Soon. And no,” he responded in a Twitter DM.

* “Portion Control” by Jeremy Blachman (BarnesandNoble.com)
* “Frontal Cortex” by Jonah Lehrer (NewYorker.com)