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Armando Montano

The body of Associated Press summer intern Armando Montano was found early Saturday in the elevator shaft of a Mexico City apartment building near where he was living. Mexican authorities are investigating the circumstances of the 22-year-old journalist’s death.

The AP’s story says:

With his high energy and broad smile, Montano made scores of friends within weeks after his arrival in the Mexican capital.

“Armando was a smart, joyful, hardworking and talented young man,” said Marjorie Miller, AP’s Latin America editor based in Mexico City.

“He absolutely loved journalism and was soaking up everything he could,” said Miller. “In his short time with the AP, he won his way into everyone’s hearts with his hard work, his effervescence and his love of the profession.”

One of the last stories he wrote for the AP was about three policemen being shot to death at Mexico City’s airport.

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A Romenesko reader writes: “This weekend I visited the web site for Marketplace Morning Report, a business program on American Public Radio, often broadcast by local NPR stations during Morning Edition. But Saturday, I noticed one enormous typo in their transcript.”

A “Marketplace” commenter alerted producers to the typo and fucking was eventually changed to funding.

— Original transcript for the June 25 “Marketplace Morning Report”

* Public radio’s enormous typo (