[UPDATED] Hockey team says it’s suing Michigan Daily over payment report

* UPDATE: Kitchener Rangers seek $1 million in damages over Michigan Daily story (Rangers Report)

The Ontario Hockey League’s Kitchener Rangers are upset The Michigan Daily student newspaper’s report that “in place of an education package …[University of Michigan hockey player Jacob] Trouba could be compensated to about $200,000.”

Hockey beat writer Matt Slovin‘s story included the Trouba family’s denial: “There is absolutely no truth or merit to the recent media reports that the Kitchener Rangers have offered Jacob any remuneration. We have the utmost respect for the Kitchener Rangers and those that choose the CHL as an option, but Jacob will be attending the University of Michigan next fall as a student athlete.”

That apparently wasn’t enough of a knock-down for Rangers chief operating officer Steve Bienkowski, who says “our intent is that we will file a statement of claim for damages. …It’s not a threat anymore. We served the newspaper and the writer there to either back it up or retract it. …By people out there saying whatever the hell they want, with not having to back it up and hiding behind sources, that damaged us.”

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