The academic cult of Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert is a hit on campus, reports Paul Farhi. “The academic cult of Colbert (or is it “the cul of Colbert”?) is everywhere,” he writes.

There are dozens of scholarly articles, monographs, treatises and essays about Colbert, as well as books of scholarly articles, monographs and essays. A University of Oklahoma student even earned her doctorate last year by examining him and his “Daily Show” running mate Jon Stewart. It was called “Political Humor and Third-Person Perception.”

Amy Bree Becker, who is teaching a Colbert course this fall at Towson University, says using Colbert in the classroom is “a very good way to get young people who would normally not pay much attention to politics to learn a little more. You have to know something to get the joke. [The show] encourages people to find information from other sources.”

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