Afternoon report

* Ivan Lajara: “I am responsible for News Cat Gifs!” (Daily Freeman)
* Ex-NYTer Charlie LeDuff has thrown out the rules of how to be a TV reporter. (
* Nina Totenberg on Supreme Court leaks and pizza with Scalia. (YouTube)
* NBC and Microsoft are getting an online divorce. (Daily Beast)
* Does’s Lynn Hoppes rely too much on Wikipedia? (
* Rupert Murdoch puts The Daily iPad newspaper “on watch.” (Politico)
* Pittsburgh Post-Gazette president resigns to become CEO of medical research firm. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
* Richard Scudder, who teamed with Dean Singleton to build MediaNews Group, is dead at 99. (Denver Post)
* CommonWealth Magazine calls Boston Herald stories on its owner “the worst type of journalism.” CommonWealth)
* Washington Post’s favorite correction comes from some fifth-graders. (Washington Post)
* Christian radio talker Bryan Fischer isn’t pleased with Jane Mayer’s New Yorker profile of him. (