Chicago political journalists fail on Jesse Jackson Jr. story

“With all the political experts, investigative reporters, gossip columnists and assorted pundits and bloggers around, not one has the connections to find out where Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is or what’s wrong with him?” writes Robert Feder.

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

For years the knock on Chicago media — print and broadcast — was that it was too eager to do the Jackson family’s bidding. (How else to explain the continued presence of Jesse Jackson Sr. as a Sun-Times columnist? Or his power to broker contracts for on-air talent?) But what good is that cozy relationship when the family can blatantly stiff-arm journalists’ questions and engage in a conspiracy of silence at a time like this?

“The longer the truth about him goes unreported,” writes the former Sun-Times columnist, “the worse it’s looking for Chicago’s vaunted news media.”

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