Morning report

* In 2012 so far, the phrase “rare glimpse” turns up nearly 30 times in the New York Times. (
* Jeff Greenfield wishes political reporters would stop using the word “carefully.” (Yahoo News)
* Someone’s trying to mess a bit with Roger Ailes biographer Gabriel Sherman. (Washington Post)
* A Milwaukee journalist says The Atlantic’s David Rohde is wrong about the Beer City. (Urban Milwaukee)
* “It’s a sign of dirty journalism if a publication is getting special treatment from Twitter,” writes Dave Winer. (
* A media critic comes to appreciate CNBC’s Joe Kernen and David Faber. (MarketWatch)
* Press+ finds that “if you want to sell journalism, you have to do journalism.” (
* National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association names award winners. (
* Vevo to Google: Give us a better rate for our music videos or we’ll bolt! (