Spokane paper ordered to give info about anonymous commenter

A judge ruled Tuesday that the Spokesman-Review must provide information that could identify an anonymous reader who posted a comment in February about Kootenai County Republican Party chairwoman Tina Jacobson.

Tina Jacobson

Under the name “almostinnocentbystander,” the commenter questioned whether $10,000 reportedly missing from the Kootenai County Central Committee might be “stuffed inside Tina’s blouse.”

The judge ordered the newspaper to give Jacobson any information disclosing the identity, e-mail address, and IP addresses of “almostinnocentbystander.”

The paper conceded that the blouse comment “wasn’t nice” but pointed out that it was posted on a site where people are “sometimes airing outrageous views.”

The Spokesman-Review hasn’t yet decided whether to appeal.

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