Afternoon report

* LA Daily Journal dismisses its two photographers and gives cameras to reporters. (
* Some of the pranks in a Fox News Magazine listicle were lifted from a children’s website. (
* Why did Nikki Finke go “American Psycho” on Bret Easton Ellis? (New York Observer)
* Yes, indeedy, America hates Advance’s news sites. (
* Architectural Digest ousts Sarah Medford, the Conde Nast title’s No. 2 editor. (
* Financially stable Daily Planet newspaper now the most unrealistic part of the Superman universe. (The Onion)
* Warren Buffett says he may add more newspapers to his portfolio this year. “That just depends on who calls us.” (Bloomberg News)
* Public Relations Society of America CEO scolds reporter who consulted for school district while covering it. (PR Daily)
* SCOTUSblog staff is trying to expand the site’s audience beyond lawyers. (
* “If you work at Murdoch’s The Daily, now would be a good time to run.” (
* Not dead yet: The Daily launches a weekend magazine. (New York Observer)
* Milwaukee cop breaks reporter’s camera, then tickets him for obstruction. (