The Lee T-shirt message never got through

Former Lee Enterprises employee Pete Selkowe writes (and sends the photo):

So there I was, cleaning out the boxes that accumulate in the basement, helping my wife throw away years of unwanted … stuff.

When what should I find but a pile of old t-shirts, a couple dozen of ’em, each commemorating some newspaper-sponsored event from my career: “Celebrate Racine,” from the Journal Times; the Southern Illinoisan’s “Tent Sell Down” car sale; “Press Run” from the Bismarck Tribune; the Southern Illinoisan’s 50th birthday — you get the picture.

Some fond — and not so fond — memories; nothing exceptional. Until I came to this one, clearly never worn (Duh!), probably from one of those management retreats, led by consultants who never heard of the five w’s, much less the h. Thankfully, I have no recollection of the event itself… and no memory of the specific behavior the shirt was meant to instill or prevent.

Only a vague belief, given Lee’s recent financial history, that somehow the message didn’t get through…

By the way, Lee Enteprises today reported a third quarter loss of $1.5 million. (Just four months ago, CEO Mary Junck was given a $500,000 bonus.)