The cart is cute, but…

“Most newsroom people get used to receiving odd promotional gadgets,” writes Jonathan Austin, editor of the award-winning Yancey County News. “My favorite was the bar of pink soap a movie company sent me with the words “FIGHT CLUB” sculpted in the face of the soap. If you’ve seen the movie, you get it. That was a cool conversation starter.

“But I imagine Food Lion must have spent close to $75 to send this little grocery cart to me, here at the lowly Yancey County News. Yancey County doesn’t even have a Food Lion!”

The editor says the UPS-delivered realistic shopping cart is about a foot long, has working wheels and a kids’ seat that opens and closes.

I must assume all papers larger than mine in North Carolina and South Carolina will be receiving their little Food Lion shopping cart. Since all newspapers are larger than mine, that means Food Lion is spending tens of thousands of dollars to get miniature shopping carts into the hands of newspapers across the region, and probably television stations as well.

I just don’t get it.

“I think the little cart will make a cute display for petunias, or perhaps I will save it for a grandchild to use to put a Teddy bear in,” writes Austin. “Has any other mid-Atlantic newsroom received their Food Lion shopping cart?”