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Will McAvoy, the fictional anchor on Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom,” is commenting on today’s events in Colorado. (“What a topsy-turvy inside-out media world,” says the Romenesko reader who pointed out McAvoy’s feed.) The fake anchor tweets: “Today has served as a shining example of the best and the worst of the news media, all at once.” He also tweets to CNN’s Don Lemon about ABC News’ incorrect report about the shooter having Tea Party connections: “Someone got a little overzealous with google over on ABC, Don. This is the exact thing I’m trying to fight.” (UPDATE: “Important to note,” writes Dan Mitchell, “that apparently that Twitter account is run by some random person, not the show or HBO.”)

* ABC News apologizes for “incorrect” report about theater shooter James Holmes having Tea Party ties. (Politico)
* Theater shooting victim Jessica Redfield was a passionate journalist. (Sporting News)
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* Andrew Goldman to Terry Gross: “I gather that people frequently assume you’re a lesbian.” (She’s not.) (New York Times)
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* More campaign ads are including shots from TV news programs, a trend that bothers journalists more than those in politics. (New York Times)
* Wall Street Journal is launching a 16-page Friday residential real estate section this fall. (Wall Street Journal)