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The Chicago Tribune is hiring 44-year newsroom veteran Randy Weissman as a consultant to help develop and implement appropriate changes at embattled Journatic and the Chicago Tribune, which has invested in the hyper-local content provider. The paper announced a week ago that it was suspending use of Journatic after discovering that a TribLocal sports story was plagiarized and had a fabricated quote.

A memo to Tribune staff says:

Randy’s deep knowledge of editorial processes and journalistic standards make him an ideal choice to do this work, as well as to evaluate the changes Journatic has already begun implementing.

Weissman was Tribune news administration editor before the paper let him go a year ago.

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A profile of Las Vegas’s retired “Cowboy Sheriff” Ralph Lamb appeared in Friday’s Los Angeles Times with the “butt cracks” typo below. Reporter John Glionna says the error wasn’t in the story he submitted, and assistant managing editor Henry Fuhrmann confirms that:

The mistake occurred at the final stage of production. The article had already been copy edited (and, yes, spell-checked). The copy editor decided, for reasons of appearance, to move the drop cap (i.e., large capital letter) from the paragraph in question to a position three paragraphs lower. In changing the computer coding involved, he also inadvertently changed the spelling.

Glionna tells L.A. Weekly’s Tessa Stuart that he’s not upset about the error because copy editors “have saved my ass so many times.”

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