Maureen Dowd as a young reporter; Q and A with Jon Carroll

Credit: Fred R. Conrad/New York Times

“From her current in-house glamour shot, you would not necessarily guess that Maureen Dowd was a reporter who, starting out at the Times, happily dove neck-deep in the muck,” writes Elon Green. “Dowd, then 29, wrote a story that decades later has lost none of its oomph. “FOR VICTIMS OF AIDS, SUPPORT IN A LONELY SIEGE” is unrelentingly brutal. It didn’t win any awards, hasn’t been anthologized. And it almost, just maybe, cost Dowd her job.” He explains.

* Maureen Dowd, cub reporter (The Awl)

ANOTHER COLUMNIST: San Francisco Chronicle’s Jon Carroll is interviewed by Jory John:

Q: Do you immediately know when you’ve hit a homerun with a column?

Carroll: Pretty much, yeah. I don’t know how I know. And there’s some that, when I start them, I think they’re going to be out of the park and then I realize that it’s a solid double, but it ain’t out of the park.

* The Rumpus interview with Jon Carroll (The Rumpus)