What’s up with this, Denver Post?

Letter to Romenesko

An editor at a major metro paper writes:

For the past several days I have been reading the Denver Post coverage of the theater shooting. I never signed in, signed up or otherwise agreed to anything or gave my email address. But I started getting “exclusive offers” from the Denver Post via email. I can’t find anywhere to opt out and I am somewhat troubled about how my email address was collected in the first place. I have spoken with colleagues in other newsrooms who have had the same experience this week – never signed up or gave an email address, but suddenly receiving offers from the Denver Post.

Just to make it even more odd, the email offer is for a car sale benefiting Children’s Hospital — the same hospital where some of the victims of the shooting were taken.

Bringing it to your attention in case you think it is worth looking into further. Would prefer you not use my name.

I called the Denver Post and web producer Korene Gallegos promised to look into it.