The State runs story on Gov. Haley’s daughter working in Statehouse gift shop

The State’s story about South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s daughter getting a Statehouse gift shop job has been published, after being prematurely posted by some McClatchy papers earlier this week. In the piece, Haley spokesman Rob Godfrey scolds the Columbia, SC-based paper “for printing details of a 14 year old’s life and whereabouts, against the wishes of her parents,” and adds that “we have nothing more to say” about the girl’s job.

The Haley family

The State points out that Haley’s office “did a turn-around Wednesday” and gave some of the information that it requested to the Post and Courier of Charleston. Spokesman Godfrey told that paper that Haley’s daughter, Rena, usually works 20-25 hours per week and is paid $8 an hour. (She primarily cleans and stocks shelves, according to the governor’s office.)

The State executive editor Mark Lett tells his readers that “it is not our practice to cover the children of sitting governors,” but…

In this instance, the essential issue is whether it is appropriate for the daughter of the governor to be placed on the state payroll. The child was put in that position by adults in state government and in the Haley family. We have made no attempt to interview the daughter but have asked those adults for comment.

The State’s online poll asks: “Is it proper or improper for a governor’s child to have a state job?” At last check, 73% (522 votes) said it was improper.

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