Daily Archives: July 28, 2012

A three-paragraph story on the Post-Dispatch website says the Lee-owned newspaper has laid off 23 staffers from the newsroom, advertising and production. I reported yesterday that four Post-Dispatch newsroom managers were called at home after finishing their Thursday shifts and told that they lost their jobs. More layoffs followed on Friday.

The downsizing comes just days after Lee CEO Mary Junck was awarded $655,000 in company stock because, according to Lee’s executive compensation committee, she is underpaid.

* Post-Dispatch lays off 23 workers (
* Three reporters, editorial cartoonist, web editor among those cut (Riverfront Times)

* Post-Dispatch lays off four news managers, more cuts coming (
* Christmas comes early for Lee CEO Mary Junck (
* Lee explains why CEO was awarded $655,000 in stock this week (