@KatieCouric blocks journalist who thought he was trying to help her

I asked author and journalist Greg Campbell about his “brief feud” with Katie Couric. He writes:

Yeah, that was probably the briefest feud in the history of human conflict. Actually, I considered it more of an “exchange of snide observations” than a feud, but I guess she thought differently.

From time to time, I’d sling an arrow her way over Twitter when I noticed that she was a little too in love with some worn-out meme or acronym. YOLO (you only live once) is a perfect example. Just as it was being run into the ground and starting to turn stomachs among everyone but tweens, Katie discovered it and has been flaying us with it ever since. YOLO this, YOLO that, like a stuck record. She’s become sort of a bellwether for when it’s time to move on to the next trend. I thought I was helping to point out a blind spot, in the same way a spouse would say, “Hey, hon, quit saying LOL every time the kids have their friends over, willya? No one has done that since 2003.”

I guess my comments about it struck a chord, because she wrote back. We went back and forth a few times before I was blockaded. Was I being an asshole? Not intentionally; she seemed to take it in good humor, at least from my point of view. Hell, I like Katie Couric. That’s why I added the #goodsport hashtag to the last tweet, to say, “hey, we’re just having fun, thanks for playing along.”

My biggest regret at getting kicked off her Twitter feed is that I won’t learn about the concerning trend of teens “sexting” or the witty way of avoiding a profanity in a common exclamation by saying “Shut the front door!” I’m sure she’ll discover those any day now. (#kidding!)

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