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This email went out to Miami Herald subscribers on Friday afternoon — when the newspaper’s customer services office closes early.

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— Sun News Network ad

The above Toronto Sun News Network help-wanted ad invites readers to “send us a must-read e-mail on why we should hire you over that stuffy, know-it-all from Columbia University with nine degrees in advanced journalism studies.”

That rubbed editor and journalism teacher Melanie Coulson the wrong way. “I felt the need to respond,” she writes in an email to Romenesko.

She tells the Sun:

It’s true that some of the greatest journalists have never been to j-school, but just as many have. The lessons students learn there go beyond ‘Journalism 101.’

Melanie Coulson

Yes, I learned how interview subjects (listen as well as ask questions); how to edit radio and television clips; and I worked on the school’s first blog that covered the Hill. I learned the tools of the trade.

But I also learned to think about news, and its important role in our society. I learned about balance, and how to be fair – tough, but fair – with the people I report about. I learned perspective.

The best reporters, editors and producers have strong news judgement and drive. These are probably things they are born with, I agree. At journalism schools, these innate talents are sharpened to make them among the very best at giving their audience the balanced stories they deserve. (And having a journalism degree doesn’t mean these talents disappear!)

* You’re conscripted! Join the Sun News team (
* My (open) cover letter for the Sun News Network job (’s caption: “Mercury News executives stood with a police officer on Wednesday while newsrack owners were asked to wait on the sidewalk for nearly two hours.”


San Jose Mercury News rivals this week accused the paper of stealing news racks. The paper denied it on Thursday. Today San Jose Inside claims “the Mercury News is lying.”

* Competing newsracks found in Mercury News dumpster (

Veteran Gitmo reporter Carol Rosenberg writes:

At issue is the war court system that employs a 40-second delay of the proceedings, time enough to let an intelligence official hit a white noise button if any of the men describe what CIA agents did to them after their capture in Pakistan in 2002 and 2003 and before their arrival at Guantánamo in September 2006.

In its motion, filed May 2, the ACLU called the practice censorship and said it was premised on “a chillingly Orwellian claim” that the accused “must be gagged lest he reveal his knowledge of what the government did to him.”

* Media, ACLU to argue against censorship at Guantanamo (Miami Herald)

People who are new to this site continue to be confused by this post. They think I was the reporter who visited Chick-fil-A and “never felt so alien in my own country.” It was News-Press reporter Mark Krzos who wrote it; I merely excerpted it. (By the way, it appears Krzos decided to leave Facebook after being scolded by his editor.)

Here’s an email I got from a confused reader this morning:

Quiet Flight
10:30 AM (31 minutes ago)
to me

I just want to tell you that no matter how “alien” you feel in this Country, you will always be the minority. You are such an moron you don’t even realize the main purpose people support Chick fil a isn’t the stance on gay marriage, it is the attack on the liberties clowns like you hide behind. You want your cake and eat it too. Like most of your cry baby leftist constituents. Why don’t you and the Mayor of Chicago go kiss each other today at your local Chick fil a? Oh that’s right, you really don’t give a shit about the gay cause, it is just more political theater for yourself. Pathetic


Michele Salcedo

National Association of Hispanic Journalists president and AP weekend political desk editor Michele Salcedo defended her no-tweeting-at-board-meetings position by pointing out that “we’re not a government entity” and “we’re not required to be open to the public”

We are happy to have members present, but having reporters present is a whole different ball of wax. If you have tweets . . . sent out at every point of the discussion, it doesn’t necessarily encapsulate the decisions that have been made. It is misinformation because it is not complete.

She told Marisol Bello, a USA Today reporter who objected to the board telling a UNITY News reporter to leave meeting because she was live-tweeting it, that “once we make a decision, we do communicate that. We are responsible to the members. We are not a publicly held corporation.”

* NAHJ president defends ban on social media (
* NAHJ meeting gets heated over finances, alleged censorship (

— Chicago Sun-Times, August 3

From the back page of today’s Chicago Sun-Times. (h/t Alan Solomon)

The Post Co. says net income in the second quarter rose to $52 million ($6.84 per share) vs. $45.8 million ($5.74 per share) in the same quarter a year earlier. Political ads helped boost the company’s broadcast TV earnings by 34%. At its Kaplan division, operating income plunged 84%, while the Washington Post newspaper was hit with a 15% drop in print advertising from the year before.

The Post’s circulation continues to slide: the average daily circulation during the first six months of 2012 fell 9.3% from the same period of 2011.

* Washington Post Co. second-quarter profit up 13.6% ( || (Press release)

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