PR man: I miss newspaper journalism, but…

Former Rocky Mountain News reporter and editor Gil Rudawsky wasn’t sure what he was going to do after his newspaper folded, “but I did know for sure that I was not going to stay in journalism,” he writes.

I knew all too well that the profession was going to continue to hemorrhage, and I didn’t want to relive the experience. One of my friends in the newsroom the day the presses stopped has worked at four newspapers since then.

Rudowsky went into PR, and “as it turns out, my skills were perfectly suited for this world, particularly crisis communications and reputation management. Years in a newsroom covering elections, scandals, tragedies, and natural disasters gave me keen insight into coming up with response strategies and, most importantly, keeping a cool head under fire. …

“Having seen both sides, PR has shown me the light, and I’m a true believer in how we can help our clients manage issues and get their sides of the story fairly told. There’s value in what we do.”

* PR pro: Newspaper journalism was all I knew (PR Daily)