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* Fareed Zakaria apologizes for the “terrible mistake” of plagiarizing from The New Yorker. ( | UPDATE: Time has suspended him. (
* Scranton paper refers to white supremacy group as a “white people’s rights group.” (It declines to explain why.) ( | It’s in the lede here.
* NBC chairman addresses Olympics coverage complaints. (
* Eleven reasons why a 23-year-old shouldn’t be in charge of your social media. (
* Pinterest moves beyond the invite-only stage and welcomes everyone. (
* A Chicago Tribune visitor finds “an upbeat newsroom proud of its journalism, now delivered in many different ways.” (
* A woman is stunned to see her photos published without permission or credit in the Portland Press Herald. (

I wonder if this got conservative U-T San Diego owner Papa Doug‘s stamp of approval. Your thoughts? || UPDATE: What my Facebook friends and subscribers say about the ad.

Letter to Romenesko

From “CONCERNED READER IN CALIFORNIA”: McClatchy-owned newspaper The Fresno Bee announced it was laying off five staffers on Thursday, one of whom was Lisa Boyles, the associate opinion page editor of The Fresno Bee and one of three members on the Editorial Board at the Bee. [Next Friday is her last day at the Bee.]

After a number of layoffs and staff rearrangements in previous years, laying off Boyles leaves the Bee with two Editorial Board members – opinion page editor Jim Boren and Publisher William Fleet. Translation: the paper’s editorials are written by one person (Boren).

Despite the cash-strapped nature of newspapering, it’s disheartening when the opinion page is a one-man show, even if that person is phenomenal.

I’ve invited Boren to comment on this letter.

UPDATE: Here’s the publisher’s memo:

Fellow Employees of The Bee, Vida en el Valle and Sierra Star,

All of you have continued to work hard and demonstrate amazing dedication in addressing the unprecedented challenges of the last several years. However, despite the progress we have made, the sluggish and uneven economic recovery necessitates some additional expense reductions.

Tuesday, we notified five employees that their positions are being eliminated. We’re also announcing a second one-week furlough for most full-time employees. The mandatory furlough begins Sept. 10 and furloughs must be completed by Dec. 30. Employees can begin taking furloughs as early as next week, if approved by their manager.

Decisions that negatively impact our employees are always difficult to make, and we know they are disruptive both personally and professionally. We are working closely with those employees impacted by position reductions to communicate severance benefits and provide transition support. We will also do our best to accommodate requests for furlough time off that is most convenient for you. Additional information about furloughs will be distributed by your manager.

Your commitment to our readers, advertisers and our community is applauded, and I thank you for your hard work and your perseverance during these difficult times. Please let your department manager, human resources or me know if you have any questions.

Marilyn Hagerty, the 86-year-old Grand Forks Herald columnist whose Olive Garden write-up went viral in March, has been honored by Al Neuharth, a pal she edited at the University of South Dakota in the 1940s. The USA Today founder will present Hagerty with the 2012 Al Neuharth Excellence in Media Award on Oct. 4 in a ceremony that will air live over South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

Marilyn Hagerty

Neuharth says in a release:

Marilyn, my classmate back in the ’40s and editor of the student paper, took a chance on me as rookie reporter, hired me for my first newspaper job and taught me vital lessons about the roles and responsibilities of professional journalists. Those same high principles that Marilyn preached as a young college editor 65 years ago define and distinguish her extraordinary and enduring career.

Meanwhile, Hagerty continues to give exposure to Grand Forks area restaurants. This week she wrote about her visit to Applebee’s, where she enjoyed a “refreshing and pleasantly crunchy” Oriental Chicken Salad.

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Stephen Bloom

University of Iowa journalism professor Stephen Bloom was doing a visiting prof stint in Michigan nine months ago when he angered Iowans with his Atlantic essay about their state. After getting threatening phone calls and hate mail, Bloom told Romenesko readers last December that he felt the need to hide in “an undisclosed location.”

Several weeks later, The Chronicle of Higher Education asked: “Will Iowa welcome him back next fall, and will Mr. Bloom be comfortable returning?” The professor’s response: “Yeah, get used to it. I will be back.”

Classes at the University of Iowa start in 10 days and, according to the school, Bloom will be back. “Yes, have not heard otherwise,” journalism school director David D. Perlmutter writes in an email. (The university’s media relations director says the same thing in a phone call.)

Bloom apparently doesn’t want to discuss his return to Iowa and the university; he didn’t respond to two emails sent earlier this week. (Steve: if you didn’t see my emails, I’ll be happy to add any comment from you to this post.)

* Bloom’s observations from 20 years of Iowa life (
* Bloom: “The university has been — as I would have expected it to be – very supportive despite a couple of my calls for my firing” (
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