Blogger bills TV station after seeing his video in a news report

Michael McKisson, who runs a website covering Tucson’s cycling community, posted a story and video two months ago about an elementary school installing a bicycle track.

“Yesterday, our local station [KOLD-TV] ran a story about the track and included my footage in their piece,” he tells Romenesko readers. “I was not contacted by the station to use the footage, nor was any credit for the footage provided. They must have done a video screen capture of the YouTube version to be able to add it to their report.

“I have sent an email to the news director with an invoice attached for the use of the video footage. I billed them $300. I figured a decent rate was $100 per hour and I worked at least 3 hours shooting, editing and posting the video.

“I have yet to hear back from the news director.” UPDATE: “The news director has responded and said they are looking into it,” reports McKisson.

* McKisson’s video || KOLD-TV’s report