Yang Wang gets a good laugh out of Yank Wang typo

I asked Houston Chronicle report Yang Wang what she thought of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram running her byline as YANK WANG.

Here’s what she tells Romenesko readers:

Just saw it! It’s indeed pretty funny… Chronicle has never misspelled it. I don’t know how the Star-Telegram got it wrong.

Yang Wang

“Yang” is a very, very common Chinese first name, but a lot of people here still won’t believe it. I once received reader comments who question the legitimacy of my articles just because they think the byline isn’t something they feel familiar with.

Some of my Chinese friends changed their names to “Jim”, “Lucy” or some traditional American names because they are too tired of people calling/spelling their names wrong. I stick to mine, because I’d like to think it a way of educating American public about some basics of Chinese culture.

Oh, by the way, my twitter handle is “YangYangYang”, just to stress the correct spelling of my name. lol…

* Today’s unfortunate byline typo: Yank Wang (JimRomenesko.com)