Walter White wanted for making meth – in real life

Tuscaloosa News city editor Katherine Lee laughed when I told her that the story about Walter White being wanted for meth manufacturing was all over Facebook and Twitter.

Walter White (left and right)

Walter White (left and right)

Why didn’t your story mention “Breaking Bad” and its meth-making Walter White character? I asked. “It wasn’t [left out] on purpose,” she says; they just didn’t think it was a big deal — although Lee says she and her cops reporter laughed when they saw the police blotter item.

“We might add [a show reference] now,” says the editor.

You’re familiar with the show? I asked. “I just started watching it. My fiance and I are now on season two.”

UPDATE: Cops and courts reporter Stephanie Taylor, who wrote the Walter White post, says in an email: “My husband and I are huge ‘Breaking Bad’ fans. I thought it was hilarious when I saw the ‘most wanted’ [item]. I posted it and didn’t think a lot of people would get it, and that those who did would get the inside joke.”

* Walter White wanted for manufacturing meth (