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* Jon Ralston leaves the Las Vegas Sun to start his own political commentary site. (
* John Ellis: CNN devolved from the world’s most important TV news outlet to just another channel to skip over. (

* What recent earnings reports reveal about the state of ad spending. (AP via
* “Disturbing incident” at the start of today’s Red and Black meeting at the University of Georgia. (
* “I was fairly committed to not covering Insane Clown Posse … but it was difficult.” (
* “Kenny the Clown” unwittingly uses Steve Jobs’ stolen iPad. (
* Twitter’s API changes will have a real impact on news developers. (
* Tess Vigeland will step down as host of “Marketplace Money” in November. (
* Nashville TV station’s weather report interrupted by demonic face. (
* Some news outlets take a prim view of Pussy Riot. (

From Thursday’s San Francisco Chronicle:

* Corrections, Aug. 16 (
Nevius: “It wasn’t that the [dildo] image was offensive [to Peaches], it was that it was totally passé” (SFGate)
* Original column: “A drag queen known as Peaches Christ … waved a crucifix shaped like a dildo” (
* More corrections and other news bloopers on Romenesko’s Pinterest page

Here’s #10:

Actually, Bob, I’m told that this “classic” blotter item was written by Woodbury Bulletin general manager Chad Richardson, based on a Woodbury police report.

* Roundabout road rage, body-suit freakout, more (

A Romenesko reader points us to a Star Tribune story headlined “Board dismisses longtime local indie film champion,” and writes: “The dismissed executive director cited here is the wife of Star-Tribune A&E editor Tim Campbell. That association goes unmentioned in this story. …There is a one-sidedness to this story, and the unmentioned Campbell-Minton relationship makes it more egregious.”

I asked Campbell about that (and also sent my email to editor Nancy Barnes). Campbell promptly replied:

When the press release moved yesterday, I immediately informed our AME for features, Kate Parry, and recused myself from the story. So I can’t — and rightfully so — speak to how it was handled.

I am copying Kate on this, so she might comment on it.

UPDATE: Parry sends this email:

Tim forwarded your message about the Jane Minton story that ran on B2 today. As Tim noted, he immediately mentioned the conflict of interest that would be there if he edited a story about his wife and I assigned the story to another editor, who worked with the reporter. As for whether the piece had balance, Colin worked hard at getting the board’s reaction, and as you’ll see in the fourth graph, the IFP board president Christie Rothenberg Healey declined to comment. So, Colin began trying to reach others on the board and was able to get to Michael Bodnarchek — but his comments ended up questioning the decision. Hindsight being 20/20, I wish we’d thought to mention Tim’s relationship to her in the piece, even though he had nothing to do with deciding to do the story or editing it. It would have been worth simply noting that he works here.

Proof that Campbell had nothing to do with this story? “Minton could not be reached for comment.”

* Board dismisses longtime local indie film champion (

* Is Mark Zuckerberg in over his hoodie as Facebook CEO? (
* Groupon investors’ patience with Andrew Mason is wearing thin (Reuters)

The latest in the Red and Black staff vs. newspaper board dispute:
* Red and Black editors and board at an impasse after Thursday’s off-the-record meeting. (
* No resolution over walkout at University of Georgia student paper. (
* Red and Black board to host an open house and discussion today. (
* Former Red and Black staffers are now publishing Red and Dead. (
* Red and Black board’s statement brings in 24 comments on the paper’s website (

In other news…
* NYT Co. to pay new CEO Mark Thompson an annual base salary of $1 million. (reuters via Yahoo) | (NYT’s filing)
* Orange County Register’s new owner gives the OK to hire a Dodgers writer. (
* Rodale’s Matt Bean named managing editor. (
* For female journalists, another “first” this election season on PBS. (
* “Most-wanted” burglary suspect surrenders at Albany Herald offices. (
* Ira Glass will serve popcorn at the opening of a movie based on a “This American Life” segment. (
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“Are some fonts more believable than others?” writes Suzanne LaBarre. Apparently so. Filmmaker Errol Morris’s study found that people were more likely to believe a statement when it was written in Baskerville than when it was written in Computer Modern, Georgia, Helvetica, Trebuchet, or Comic Sans.

* Are some fonts more believable than others? (