Afternoon report

* Barry Diller’s IAC has joined in bidding for New York Times Co.’s IAC has offered more than $300 million for the site; the Times Co. has preliminarily accepted’s $270 million offer. (
* Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial page editor and city editor — husband and wife — are both laid off. (
* FYI: September issue of Vogue is 916 pages. (
* The AP announces its convention coverage plans. (
* Orange County Register, under new ownership, is hiring a local columnist. (
* New York Daily News beefs up its fashion coverage. (
* Journalists start a campaign to award a posthumous Pulitzer to a reporter who broke one of the biggest stories in World War II and was fired. (
* Rem Rieder urges the media to aggressively call out candidates “when they tamper with the truth.” (
* Advertiser #48 has now yanked their Village Voice ads, says watchdog. (