Freelance journalist Austin Tice missing in Syria

Freelance journalist and Georgetown law student Austin Tice, 31, has been reporting from Syria for several news outlets, including McClatchy, the Washington Post, CBS News, and Al Jazeera English. He hasn’t been heard from since tweeting 13 days ago.

“We’re focused intensively on trying to ascertain his whereabouts and ensure his safe return,” says Washington Post executive editor Marcus Brauchli. “Austin is a talented and courageous journalist whose work has helped to shape the world’s understanding of this humanitarian and political crisis.”

Houston Chronicle’s Mike Tolson writes:

Tice apparently was hoping to secure full-time employment with a news organization. On his LinkedIn page, he touted what he could offer: “I can write, film, snap and speak, so if your organization is looking for an all-in-one crisis correspondent willing to get the stories others won’t, call me. I speak passable Spanish and I’m slowly getting there with Arabic. I’m not so great behind a desk.”

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