Daily Archives: August 25, 2012

A Boston Globe editor’s note says an August 17 Globe editorial headlined “Biden should apologize for ‘back in chains’ remark” contained “similarities in phrasing and structure” to an August 15 piece (“If Paul Ryan Made Gaffes Like Joe Biden, He’d Be Palin-ized”) by Republican analyst Todd Domke.

Veteran Boston media critic Dan Kennedy says “the editorial tracks with Domke virtually paragraph by paragraph, with similar and at times identical language, while offering nothing that Domke didn’t come up with first.”

He asks:

If this were a signed column rather than an unsigned editorial, wouldn’t this be a bigger deal? Wouldn’t we be wondering whether the writer had been or should be disciplined? Does the anonymity of editorial-writing mean less scrutiny than this would otherwise warrant?

* Boston Globe admits to using WBUR material without attribution (WBUR)
* Globe acknowledges lifting material from WBUR (
* Editor’s note | Domke’s commentary | Globe’s editorial