Letters: An editor hits the talk show circuit; a sign of Patch desperation?

Letters to Romenesko

From JACKIE KACZMAREK, executive editor, Hanford (CA) Sentinel. Subject: Notoriety over Facebook post.


Thanks to you … for making me so famous! [“Editor: Don’t even think of slamming us on our Facebook page!”] I see that my original post on our Facebook page has been picked up and discussed on radio, in print and online. I had no idea it was going to go viral. … I will be flying out to New York later this week as I’ve been asked to be a guest on a couple of talk shows. Who knows? Maybe this is a new career for me.

From ALAN STAMM, former Patch freelancer: Patch sites around the country are announcing a biz-mentoring partnership with a nonprofit group to offer tips about online marketing to merchants, other small businesses. That’d be ethically legit, or borderline, if they weren’t using editors and editorial space to promote a service related directly to Patch advertising.

That’s a crack in the sacred wall, in my view, because the focus is online marketing. It will generate ad sales leads and pre-qualify prospects, clearly. And editors are involved

John Hetzler‘s an associate editor for four sites in Metro Detroit, and shares a byline today on the announcement in his area with Kari Hulac, a regional editor in the SF Bay area who posted her version there last Friday.

Seems slippery . . . and another sign of desperation.

Anyone from Patch care to respond?