Are you telling us something, USA Today?

— Front page images courtesy of the Newseum

William Castronuovo sent this reaction, which he also posted on his Facebook wall:

‎***** IT’S JUST WRONG DEPT: Yes, this is the actual front page of [Friday’s] USAToday. It doesn’t matter if you’re for or against Romney, et al. — the headline wording shown here and its placement under this photo is simply awful, unfortunate, and suspect.

Grouping this large lede headline — “We deserve better” — under this particular image of Romney and Ryan is not only awkward it leaves open an inference that could be interpreted as bias — whether deliberate or not.

If this visual concoction even gave one USAToday editor the slightest tingle of a grin — it should have been changed — even if it meant a mid-run press stop and a black-plate replate.

We can’t help but have our own political points of view (even when working in the media), however, when it comes to the mingling dynamics of words and pictures on any “news” page of a newspaper — especially regarding politics — extra care has to be taken.

This front page is not only regretful, it’s reprehensible.

— Full disclosure: I’m for President Obama.