is removing ad for unfortunately named photo contest

In late July, the Times-Picayune began inviting readers to submit photos of pool parties, “refreshing dips,” and other scenes for the paper’s August “Water, water everywhere!” photo contest.

A journalist from another paper wrote to this morning and let them know “you have an ad appearing amid the storm stories touting a photo contest with the words ‘Water, water everywhere!'” He added: “While I see that it was first posted in late July, its timing, placement and word usage is awkward, to say the least.”

The newsman got this response from community producer Maggie Calmes:

We’re aware. We were unable to remove it this week due to power outages/lack of access to the server. It will be gone by the end of today. …

I appreciate you taking the time to make sure we were aware of that situation. That ad placement was unfortunately out of our hands while we were operating out of the Times Picayune building on generator power as the storm was blowing through southern Louisiana.

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