Sunday report

* Charlotte Observer’s DNC package includes “Five TV journalists to watch” this week at the convention. (On TV critic Mark Washburn’s list: Judy Woodruff, Norah O’Donnell, Jake Tapper, John Roberts, and Jim Acosta.) (
* Reddit has a big audience and minuscule revenue, which is fine by owner (
* Washington Times founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon dies at 92. (
* Carl Bernstein spoke at an event supporting Iranian “terrorist” group. (
* Did Anonymous just break up with the New York Times? (
* Los Angeles Times is praised for “calling a lie a lie in the headline.” (
* Pulling the curtain back on NPR’s election coverage. (
* A look at the Columbus Dispatch’s new “compact” design. (
* Molly Ivins show opens in D.C. when Republicans are out of town. (