Afternoon report

* Hosting a political convention cocktail party is not Fox News’s style. (
* New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan examines fact-checking in her debut blog post. (
* What Matt Taibbi got right and wrong about Bain Capital in his Rolling Stone piece. (
* Matt Welch on Ezra Klein: “He’s impossibly young, infuriatingly accomplished, and impressively wonky.” (
* How to succeed in journalism when you can’t afford an internship. (
* Joanna Coles replaces Kate White as Cosmopolitan editor. (
* Why do Americans hate the media? Just watch the conventions. (
* Cox Media’s Springfield News-Sun looks to sell its building, then remain as a tenant. (
* Marquette Tribune: “Sometimes we just make an honest mistake.” (@mutribune_photo)
* Tim: Worstall: I don’t think mini-tablet users will buy apps to read specific newspapers. (