Morning report

Political reporters can’t wait until the campaign is over, reports Dylan Byers. Veteran newsman Walter Shapiro tells him: “This is worse than normal, a lot less fun, and it feels impossible for us to change the conversation.” NBC News’s Chuck Todd adds: “The campaigns are trying so hard to manipulate us, to work the refs, to withhold access. If these candidates were comfortable, the campaign might be joyful to cover.” (
* Halifax Media Group’s 34 newspapers will end candidate endorsements. (
* U-T San Diego says putting the Bushes on its “best presidents” list “was a provocative effort to stimulate community discussion.” (
* Veteran TV producer: It’s time to scale back convention coverage. (
* LAT’s Doyle McManus on why it’s important to be at the conventions. (
* Claim: “A significant [newspaper] price hike won’t necessarily translate into a material drop in circulation.” (
* NYT standards editor has “an extra-large grab bag of grammar, style and other missteps” from the Times. (