[UPDATED] The j-school that’s too beautiful to risk being littered with newspapers

UPDATE: University of Texas at Austin College of Communication Dean Dr. Roderick P. Hart sends this email:

With regard to the Daily Texan boxes: We’re on it. I’ve asked our architect to design appropriate boxes for the newspapers and to tell us where they might be located on the new building’s site For the record, there was never an intention to “ban” the boxes. Since they were already located across the street (15 feet away), it never occurred to us that we’d need additional ones. But apparently we do! And so it shall be.

Dr. Roderick P. Hart, Dean
College of Communication
University of Texas at Austin

EARLIER: University of Texas at Austin administrators won’t let The Daily Texan staff put their news boxes in front of the new building that houses the journalism school because their presence “raises concerns that litter, clutter and debris could gather around the building,” reports the campus newspaper.

“I think it is outrageous,” says lecturer and retired BusinessWeek managing editor Mark Morrison. “We should make it as easy as possible for our students and faculty to get access to the Texan.”

Journalism school director Glenn Frankel tells Romenesko readers:

I’m hoping the decision to ban newspaper boxes will be reversed. I understand the impulse to keep our beautiful new building tidy, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound. It’s a gorgeous site and we’re all proud and grateful to have it. But journalism, as you well know, isn’t very tidy and often defies the boundaries that others try to place around it. Hopefully we can turn this into a teachable moment for our students.

* News boxes not welcome at new Journalism building (dailytexanonline.com)