Morning report

* Editors say convention coverage is expensive, but essential. (
* (
* Voice of America journalists protest PR intern’s request to tweet out news releases. (
* AP defends decision to fact-check Bill Clinton using Monica Lewinsky. (
* What it’s like covering a bad baseball team (um, the Cubs) in September. (
* Springfield paper goes to court to find out what prompted the resignation of two coaches and a payment to a student-athlete. (
* Homicide Watch is looking to train j-students in crime reporting. Can you help? ( | (
* PSA: Nieman Journalism Lab is looking for a staff writer. (
* Columbia Spectator says portions of an article were lifted from the New York Times. (
* Texas Monthly redesign comes as the magazine seems to be performing better than many others. (
* Newseum resumes watermarking Today’s Front Pages newspapers. (