Reporter who aired Times-Picayune frustrations will now compete against the paper

In early July, Kari Dequine Harden told Romenesko readers that the Times-Picayune newsroom “is unhealthy, to say the least” but “I desperately want my job until October because I love it.”

The reporter added that “I also can’t just keep my mouth shut and pretend everything is okay, or that it doesn’t matter,” and shared an email that she wrote to Times-Picayune bosses. They eventually met with her, but she still resigned.

Dequine Harden announced on Facebook yesterday that she’s joining the Baton Rouge Advocate’s new New Orleans bureau, which is headed by Sara Pagones, also a former Times-Picayune reporter. I’ve invited her to comment.

* Earlier: “I can’t keep my mouth shut and pretend everything is okay” (