Gannett’s Statesman Journal to close printing press, pay Oregonian to do the work

The Salem, Oregon-based Statesman Journal will stop its printing presses next month and start paying the Oregonian to do the work for at least the next four years.

Between 20 and 25 full-time and 30 part-time positions will be cut when the Oregonian begins printing the paper on Oct 14. Statesman Journal publisher Steve Silberman says the layoffs cause “angst and heartbreak,” but adds that it’s a smart financial move for the Gannett newspaper. He declines to say how much the press closing is expected to save annually or overall, reports the Statesman Journal’s Hannah Hoffman, who is tweeting the news. (One of her more interesting tweets: “Ore. publisher has assured Statesman he isn’t planning to cut the O’s press days.” I don’t think he makes the call on that.)

Speaking of Gannett, its shares closed at a 52-week high today: $16.30.

* Statesman Journal will close printing press ( | (@HannahKHoffman)