Morning report

* Print advertising revenues at newspapers in the first half of this year fell 25 times faster than digital sales grew, reports Alan Mutter. (
* Homicide Watch’s Kickstarter campaign gets boost from David Carr and makes its $40,000 goal. ( | (
* Roll Call and CQ Today to become a single daily newspaper and merge their newsrooms. (
* Marc Ambinder joins The Week as editor-at-large and starts a blog called The Compass. (
* Investigation of fired WSJ intern’s work at Yale Daily News finds “no evidence of any fabrication,” but.. (Yale Daily News)
* “60 Minutes” declines to reveal Mark Owens’ real name or ID the cable channel — Fox News — that outed him. (
* “I’ve got a media mutiny,” says Jets linebacker Bart Scott. “Yeah, a boycott.” (
* Roger Ebert’s memoir is optioned for a documentary with Martin Scorsese as executive producer. (
* Mercer University kicks off $5.6 million project to try to save local journalism. (
* Goldfarb: Too safe NPR “is like a car driven by pensioners cruising along in the slow lane.” (
* Judge in ex-Detroit mayor’s corruption trial is accused of trampling on reporters’ rights. (