Boston Globe staff deals with ‘frustrating’ computer problems

Boston Globe staffers dealing with newsroom computer problems the past few weeks are said to be “at the boiling point.” Managing editor Caleb Solomon thanks colleagues for “keeping it to a simmer” and assures them that “our IT staff has been working long and hard on solutions.”

His memo:

To the Staff:

Many of you have been experiencing an array of Methode problems in the past few weeks and are feeling like you’re at the boiling point. I’m writing to thank you for keeping it to a simmer.

I realize how incredibly frustrating these issues are, from system slowness to disappearing slugs and assignments to the inability to search anything – all requiring lots of extra work on your part, often on deadline. Especially troubling is that some of these problems are brand new, and some things are broken again that we thought we’d fixed. This is not where we expected to be this far along in the project.

I can only report what I know. The troubles are confounding our IT staff and EidosMedia. But I can tell you that our IT staff has been working long and hard on solutions. They’re trying to solve the big questions underlying the spurt of troubles we’re experiencing at the same time they’re spending hours and hours with short-term fixes so that we can continue to publish. In addition, EidosMedia has been working on our problems from New York and their headquarters in Milan.

At this stage, I fear I can’t tell you when these disruptions will cease. So please continue to do your best. As soon as I get a better sense of when to expect improvement, I’ll let you know.