Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: No typo in ‘Total teem effort’ headline

Tipster #1 writes: “Pun or typo? Spelled right online.”

Tipster #2 writes: “The printed sports section front page had a very large headline: TOTAL TEEM EFFORT after the Packer’s win last night. We can’t tell if it’s intentional or not. There is no reference to teem or teeming in the article, and that seems a stretch to go for that pun. The website has “TEAM”.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel visual editor Ed Brud tells Charles Apple: “Smarter than the average designer, this copy desk of ours. Headline was playing off the swarming Packers defense.”

But it appears readers didn’t get that, Ed.

UPDATE: I asked the Journal Sentinel about reader reaction to the headline. Mike Davis, an assistant managing editor, sent this reply:

We did hear from some readers – probably about a dozen who called or emailed – and we explained that it was a play on words, not a misspelling. The headline and the use of the word “teem” was intended to describe the swarming nature of the Packers defense. Perhaps it was too clever at the expense of clarity.