Morning report

* David Carr on quote approval: “The first draft of history should not be rewritten by the people who make it.” (
* Maureen Dowd’s “Neocons slither back” column anti-Semitic? No way, says NYT editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal. (
* “Fox & Friends” host Gretchen Carlson gets pranked by man identified as an ex-Obama supporter. (
* “Few things on Twitter are better than [Paula Froelich’s] live recapping of ‘Fox & Friends.'” (@RPerezFeria)
* In his debut USA Today column, Michael Wolff examines Tina Brown’s reinvention efforts. (
* Anderson Cooper, “The Ellen Show” and others donate items to online auction to help Times-Picayune staffers losing their jobs. (
* What’s the best way to view Twitter’s users — 16% of online adults, or 30 million? (
* Prevention magazine to debut a new editorial direction, a new look and new contributors. (
* Indianapolis Star makes 10-year commitment to its “Our Children/Our City” project. (